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Online Presence

More than a website...

Your website is one of the most important assets for your business. However, your digital web presence is much more than a website.

Almost all of your prospects will Google you to learn more. They’ll look through your Google reviews, your social media, read articles about you, and more. Any of these areas can have a massive impact on your ability to acquire new customers - good or bad.

What is online presence and why does it matter?

Your online presence is simply anything about your business that can be found online.

This includes your website, your social media accounts, press, reviews, and more.

​Having a great online presence is extremely important, because ALL of your potential customers or clients are researching you before making a final purchasing decision.

​Think about the last time you tried a new restaurant. What did you do?

You might have searched "Sushi restaurants in Sacramento" for example. You looked at the top 3 results on Google maps, clicked the one with the highest rating and the most reviews - and went there.

​Or, maybe a friend sent you an instagram reel of a new local sushi restaurant and you decide to go try that out because the food looked so good.

​Notice all of the places you probably DIDN'T choose. Restaurants that had bad Google reviews, not enough reviews, no social media content, or didn't show up on the first page of Google.

​If this is the kind of decision process for a simple $30 dinner, imagine the impact this has on a more expensive product or service.

​10X Content is here to solve this for you.


Your Digital Home

Websites are still extremely important in 2024. It’s a big part of your “first impression” and your digital web presence. It’s where prospects can go to learn everything you want them to know about your company.

Take a look at your current website - what impression does it give? Does it look professional, or like you built it yourself? Are there broken pages, outdated information, or “under construction” pages?

These things can give visitors a bad impression of your business. They’ll think, “If you can’t even manage your own website, how good must your product or service be?”

We design high-quality custom websites and maintain them so they’re never down, broken, or have outdated information.


What others say about you

Did you know you can actually control what shows on Google?

Before prospects even get to your website, they search for you on Google.

Google your company right now - what comes up? Does your website, social media, blog posts, and positive press and reviews come up?

Do competitors show up above your own website, bad reviews, and limited information about your company show up?

With SEO we can control what shows up when your brand is Googled. We’ll make your company look its best and bury competitors and negative press to the 2nd page (where no one ever looks).

Social Media

Video is KING

You may have noticed the "Tiktok-ification" of social media over the last few years. The days of photo posts are over.

Your prospects are not only researching you, they’re comparing you to your competitors. Imagine two companies that are very similar, but one has no social media and the other has hundreds of videos that provide educational value, show authority in your industry, and gives the viewer a perspective on the personalities behind the brand. Which would you rather work with?

We get views

What's included?

Online Presence Management Package

Here's everything we provide in this package:

10X Content optimizes your entire online presence. You won't need a whole marketing department or 5 different agencies.


New custom website:

Includes up to 10 pages, copywriting, and on-page search optimization.

Website hosting/maintenance included:

If anything breaks, we fix it! Cost of hosting through Webflow is included in your subscription.

1 Blog article per month:

We write this for you, optimize it for search, and add it to your website.

Website intro video (for Sacramento local clients only):

Corporate style introduction video that goes on the homepage of the website.


Google business profile optimization:

Managing this for complete and accurate information.

Google Reputation management:

Burying negative reviews and press, and review campaign to increase your rating.

​Optimizing Google Keyword:

Ranking website, socials, and other press to the first page.

Social Media

Create and optimize all social media pages:

Profile photos, bios, cover photos, etc.

​Pinned content creation:

First 1-3 posts shown on all social profiles pinned to the top.

Social media management and video content creation:

Includes one quarterly filming session (in-person or remote). Videos planned and edited for you. 8 videos post per month on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Video equipment rental included (for remote clients only):

We’ll send you a complete filming package with a camera, lens, light, and microphone. Your rental is covered as long as you stay a client.​


Monthly coaching meeting:

Business and marketing coaching on anything else you are working on.

Photoshoot (for Sacramento local clients only):

One day photoshoot for website images, social media profile photos, google photos, and YouTube thumbnails.

that's it?

All of this for the low price of....


Monthly coaching meeting:

Business and marketing coaching on anything else you are working on.

Photoshoot (for Sacramento local clients only):

One day photoshoot for website images, social media profile photos, google photos, and YouTube thumbnails.
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Who is this service for?

Every business has an online presence - and every business needs to optimize it. We'll manage this for any business in any industry.

Shouldn't I just hire someone internally?

You could, but keep in mind you'll need several people to replace this service. You’ll need a marketing director, web designer, videographer, social media manager, SEO manager, photographer, copywriter.....that's a lot more than $2500/m.

Can I modify the package?

Our package is designed to optimize your online presence in the best way possible, and every item is important. For example, we need to be the ones to design and control your website in order to perform the Google optimization. If you want just one of the items included, ask about our individual pricing.